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lost | graffiti in the city of angels began in 1998. the first issue took the form of a fucked-up and photocopied zine: several sheets of paper folded in half with two staples down the middle. the project is constantly evolving.

grab the latest here:

  "i had almost given up hope of finding a decent looking graf publication til i found an incredible gem of a zine simply titled lost... thoughtfully layed out with a razor sharp design sense that is rarely seen in the underground circuit."
– beautiful/decay

"lost is a product which strikes you as a true one-off; it is a publication which feels like it has something really unique and special about it. something which is lovingly put together by someone who is obviously really passionate about it, and consequently is a pleasure to read."
– graphotism

"lost personifies l.a. graf and then some. the book takes the typical graff mag format and flips it to both fit better for l.a. graff and to inspire and represent progression in the art."
– vapors