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Peeped fellow defeņo Saner's solo exhibit at New Image Art over the weekend. Nice stuff. I'll be posting more flicks soon!

Here are some candid shots of the before, during, and aftermath of the L.A. launching of the Star Wars Brisk Bodega. The Force was definitely used! Art by Artek, Eyeone, Leo Eguiarte, Mark Dean Veca, Pose, Tristan Eaton, Jasper Wong, and Dual Forces.

More coverage on these fine sites:

So This Is Permanent
Los Ojos De Muerto
Daily DuJour

Earlier this month I participated in an art show that coincided with DJ Dahi's TOYS album release at spaceLUNA. (Download the album here.) Good peeps, nice art, and overall positive vibrations. Here are some (blurry cell phone) shots from the opening night. Thanks to Franz DG for the invite; Jino, Ramichael, Emily, Maria and the spaceLUNA peeps. More about spaceLUNA (via FB) here.

I believe the show runs through February. Info here.

So Dreams Deferred has come to a close, but here are some images in case ya missed it or want to reminisce. (Photos lifted from LeHumanBeing, Brandon Shigeta, Tim Jieh, and your truly...)


Chicharon Adventures
Dan Rawe Photography
Takeover L.A.
Tim Jieh Flickr

This is a selection of punk and hardcore photographs by Bill Daniel from his American Slang exhibit with Cali Thornhill deWitt. The show was only up for one day so I'd thought I'd share.

These are some shots from this year's Comikaze Expo. Thanks to Racecar13 for hooking it up!

I caught the Broken Windows Theory art show organized by CBS and LORDS over the weekend and (as always) forgot my camera. I snapped as many shots as I could with the ol' cell phone, and here are some the less out-of-focus ones. The art was great and catching up with a bunch of cool peeps was also fresh.

The nice folks over at ARTCRANK put together a sneak peek of some of the work featured at this year's Interbike over on their Flickr page.

Peep the full set here.

These are some of my favorite pieces from this weekend's LA vs WAR event. I apologize for not catching the artists' names, but some are fairly self-explanatory.

These are some shots from the before, during, and after of the Deus Ex : Human Revolution art show I helped design with Patrick Martinez for SA Studios and Square Enix. (You can purchase prints from the show here.)

Kotaku has a cool video walk-through of the Deus Ex : Human Revolution exhibit I helped design with Patrick Martinez out in NYC.

I couldn't figure out how to embed the video, but you can peep it here.

Nice photo re-cap of Hellion Gallery's Japan relief fundraiser here.