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This is the archive for October 2010

Dsrup K4P has been rockin' dope zines for a hot minute. His latest showcases more of his signature black and white graphics, letterforms, and iconography. If you manage to see a copy somewhere, grab that ish! Or drop him a line to see what up.

You can check out more of his projects here.

These are some spreads from a fresh art zine called Way Out by the homie M.B. that I recently got in the mail. No website (that I know of) but you can reach out old-school and holler at wayout[dot]mb[at]gmail[dot]com for more info.

These are some preview pages from Tempt's upcoming zine for the Eyewriter Kickstarter project. The fundraising goal was met, but donations will be accepted for thirteen more days. Peep it, you get all kinds of cool stuff if you pitch in.

(The zine is the premiere issue of a classified project called Nowhere. Stay tuned!)