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This is the archive for September 2010

This is a limited-edition zine Patrick Martinez and I put together for our New Works exhibit at Tradition way back in 2009. The zines went really fast at the exhibit, but now you can download the PDF and make your own copy in case you missed it (or didn't get one.) Fancy paper not included.

You can download the PDF here.
(Print pages in order, back-to-back. When done, staple down the middle and fold in half. Or fold in half and staple down the middle. Trim to 5" x 8".)

Or save some trees and view online here.

The homies over at The Uprising L.A. / TenGramz just put out the first issue of their zine RareForm. It features flicks of graffiti, skating, slaptags, drawings, and much more from the streets of L.A. The covers are all hand-silkscreened and numbered in a limited edition of 30. Each one also comes with an assortment of stickers! Definitely worth grabbing a copy.

Check here for more info.